Reduce your invoice by getting automatic refunds from UPS & FedEx!

  • Take advantage of their money back guarantee, "hands free"
  • Recoup unclaimed shipping charges on late deliveries
  • Get notified immediately!
Notify me about refundable shipments


First, It's completely hands off for you!

Here is the process flow:

  • Shipping Invoice

  • A copy of your invoice enters our software.

  • Secret Magic

  • ShipKeep does its secret magic to find out which shipments might qualify for a refund.

  • Tracking Number

  • ShipKeep automatically sends late tracking numbers to UPS & FedEx for potential refunds.

  • Refunds

  • UPS and FedEx will credit shipping charges on approved refunds. They clearly show up on your shipping invoice.


It's this simple:

You keep 50% of recovered revenue each month !

We also keep 50%

Let's say we recovered $1,000 dollars:

You keep $500

We also keep $500 (win/win!)

No brainer. Let's start!
  • No setup fees

  • No monthly/annual maintenance fees

  • No contracts

  • No cancellation fees

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What does this cost?

That's the best part - we don't invoice you unless we recover revenue!
  • No setup fees
  • No monthly/annual maintenance fees
  • No cancellation fees
We keep a percentage of recovered funds each month. That's it.

What percentage do you keep?

It depends on your package volume and overall spend with UPS and FedEx. At minimum you will keep 50% of all refunds ShipKeep can recover. It's a win/win!

Who sends me my recovered revenue?

95% of the time the money will come off your current shipping invoice or a subsequent invoice. In some cases, UPS or FedEx will mail you a check.

What if we go an entire month without any refunds?

  • This only happens if you have lower shipping volume.
  • Again, you won't receive a bill from us. Remember, we don't send you an invoice unless we reclaim revenue.
  • And truth be told, UPS and FedEx are very good at what they do...that's one reason why they both offer money back on late deliveries.

How do I know if a shipment was refunded?

It will show up on your weekly UPS or FedEx invoice. Plus ShipKeep will send regular communication of your recovered revenue.

Does everyone qualify?

No.You must receive your shipping invoices through UPS Billing Center or FedEx Billing Online, or some other edi format. This won't work if you only receive your shipping invoice by mail. Also, this won't work if you have a money back guarantee waiver.

Will this affect my service with UPS or FedEx?

No. Remember, both companies offer 100% money back (as long as you don't have a waiver).

Will this affect my volume discounts?

No. All we are doing is requesting a refund (on your behalf) whenever a late shipment happens. That's it.

Can we do this without ShipKeep?

Yes. Some of our customers were doing this on their own, but they said ShipKeep has been able to find more refunds and save loads of time.

What do you do with our shipping invoices? Specifically, our customer data?

Nothing. We only use a small set of data elements and your recipient information is not what we're looking at. ShipKeep will also send you a Confidentiality statement that backs up this claim.

How much money will I reclaim by using ShipKeep?

It's hard to predict. Some customers reclaim as little as $100 a month, and other customers make well into the thousands.

I can get a refund on EVERY late shipment?

Not exactly. Both UPS and FedEx deny refunds for bad weather - no exceptions. There are a few other circumstances where money back is waived, but adverse weather is the most common reason for denial.

Why doesnt every company use ShipKeep (or a competitor)?

They should! There's no down-side. Many companies aren't aware that this type of service even exists. Once a business starts using ShipKeep (or a competitor), they never cancel because it's automatic revenue.

How do I get started?

  • Schedule a quick call (on your time) here: Get Started
  • After we gather a few specifics, ShipKeep will send you an online Service and Confidentiality agreement
  • In many cases we will need your invoice login to UPS or FedEx
  • After that, you get to see how much money we recover each week

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