Due to the impact of COVID-19, UPS & FedEx have suspended their 'late delivery' service guarantees. We are monitoring the news provided by these carriers.

You have shipping refunds available. We'll get 'em for you.

UPS & FedEx will reimburse those expensive shipping charges when they deliver late.
  • UPS refunds appear on a future invoice
    after they've been approved

  • Login to UPS Billing Center here. Look at your most recent invoice summary to see if your company is getting “Service refunds.”.

  • Login to FedEx Billing Online here. Click on the ‘View Invoice History’ link to see if your business is claiming “service failure” refunds".

  • FedEx refunds are credited on your current
    invoice once they’ve been approved

Friendly, responsive, accurate.Thank you for your service!

- Accounting Department

How it works

If you do this on your own you need to follow a couple steps

  • Service Guarantee

  • Both carriers issue refunds for both overnight and ground shipments. If a commercial ground or residential package is a day late, you can get your shipping costs back! Same applies if an overnight package is a minute late!

  • 15 Days

  • But you only have 15 days from your invoice date to request a refund. Both carriers accept phone call or online requests. You’re out of luck after 15 days…

UPS terms and conditions of the guarantee can be found here. Page 24 section 53
FedEx Money-Back Guarantee policy can be viewed here here.

With ShipKeep we get refunds for shipments that we never would have taken the time to dispute.

- M.Nussbaum / Finance Mgr.

Refund for EVERY late shipment?

You wish...the carriers will deny a refund because of:

  • Bad weather

  • Business closed

  • Wrong address

"I'd love to spend my entire day tracking packages to see if they qualify for a refund," said no one ever.

Why you need ShipKeep

  • Carriers won’t do this automatically

    Until UPS & FedEx issue a refund automatically (without a ‘request’), ShipKeep will do this for you.

  • You’re leaving money on the table

    ShipKeep will get every penny you are owed, whether it's $1.00 or $1,000!

  • Focus on your business

    Free up your employees time to grow your business, not waste time chasing down refunds. Let us do that for you!

Before ShipKeep one of our employees had to go through the tedious process of logging in to all our shipping accounts, finding what shipments qualifies for refunds and then submit all the refunds to our shippers. This cost us valuable time that our employees could have been using in more productive ways. With ShipKeep we know that all our refunds are being handled in a timely and accurate manner

- M. Schmidt / Operations Manager