Due to the impact of COVID-19, UPS & FedEx have suspended their 'late delivery' service guarantees. We are monitoring the news provided by these carriers.


ShipKeep has a contingency based pricing model. If we don’t recover any revenue, we don’t send you an invoice.

No setup fees - no cancellation fees - no annual contracts

It's simple:

You keep 50% of recovered revenue

We also keep 50%

Let’s partner up just like Forrest and Bubba

We can start finding you refunds today!

Call 314-229-4619

We at RTG have been using ShipKeep for many years and they continue to save us thousands of dollars per month in shipping costs. Derek is great to work with and very customer oriented!

- T.Sweeney / CFO

Common Questions

How do you bill us?

Once a month. You can pay by check or credit card.
It’s based on your refunds from the previous month.
Your ShipKeep invoice will also include a link to download your refund details.
ShipKeep helps a small business like ours recoup money for late deliveries. We wouldn’t be able to do this on our own. No filing required, credits are applied by UPS and FedEx to open invoices, very clean and easy!

- M. Kemp / General Manager

Why don’t the carriers just credit us a refund as it happens without anyone requesting it?

Good question. Why do you think?

Will refunds affect my service or price discounts?

Not at all. Remember, both carriers offer money back for late shipments.
All we are doing is requesting the refunds on your behalf.

How do I know if a shipment was refunded?

Refunds will be posted on your current (or subsequent) UPS/FedEx invoice. The carriers will list the refunded charges next to the package tracking number. ShipKeep will also send you monthly notifications informing you about these refunds.
Just wanted to say nice job! I see the dollar recovery emails and think things are going very well. Glad I took your call!

- M. Wilcutt / CFO

What do you need from us to start?

Your login credentials to each carriers invoicing platform – FedEx Billing Online or UPS Billing Center. Once we have these credentials, the entire refund process is automatic for you. Pay your UPS or FedEx invoices like you normally do. Hopefully you will owe less since the refunds fall straight off your 'Total balance due'.

Why doesn’t every company use ShipKeep?

They should!! There’s not a single draw back.
I can’t imagine anyone refusing this service!!!!!!!!!!!!

- B. Rheinecker / President

More questions?

Call or text me directly: 314-229-4619

Or email me: derek@shipkeep.com