Carrier invoices ​​​​​​​made simple

Every invoice gets funneled to ShipKeep automatically, saving you time from performing complex tasks. All invoiced shipments will be analyzed, giving you better insights to monitor & recover costs and improve spending.

Stay organized

UPS, FedEx, and DHL store your invoices for a limited time, making it challenging to perform yearly or monthly analysis on your shipping history. We automatically upload your invoices to your profile and provide extensive search, filter, and export capabilites for ALL of your billed shipments. 

Save loads of time!

It's frustrating to import invoices into spreadsheets or databases and apply custom formulas to gain insights. A lot can go wrong! ShipKeep includes dozens of predefined formulas so you can capture the data you need in seconds rather than hours.

Improve transparency    

Investigating shipments across multiple departments is not easy. Our platform allows your team to instantly log comments and perform action on any billed shipment you find questionable. You can even invite your carrier sales rep to the thread, keeping everyone on the same page!

I love to spend half my day looking at our invoiced shipping charges.

said no one ever.

Out with the old, in with the new


Setup automatic rules to filter data on each new invoice. Use ShipKeep’s predefined rules or make your own.  

(see rule examples)
  Hidden DIMS ​​​​​​​
Show all shipments that were billed an ‘Oversize’ fee
Show all shipments with billed charges greater than $75 (or whatever amount is important to you)
  Rural charges
Show me everything with a DAS and/or EAS surcharge

At today’s fast pace, you should have the ability to see this information in real time!


Did you know that most shippers have money to reclaim or prevent from happening on every invoice? Click to see how.  

 We're waiting...
Shipments that might qualify for a ‘late delivery’ refund will be displayed. We’ll provide instructions how you can quickly request refunds from the carriers. That way you don’t have to share any of your money with a 3rd party auditor. And that includes ShipKeep This is your money and you should keep all of it!
We will display the carrier corrected address next to your incorrect address. That way you can update your CRM or shipping software with the right address and never be penalized again.

Finding opportunities to save money on every invoice should be quick and simple.


​​​​​​​We track delivery results of every shipment you were billed for. Your team can quickly see who signed for a package on any past shipment.
​​​​​​​We’re keeping track of carrier trends to help you prepare better shipments for faster and safer deliveries. Wouldn’t it be nice to know if a nearby Walgreen, UPS Center, or delivery locker was available instead of a customer’s front porch?


​​​​​​​Sync invoiced shipping data with your Accounting or CRM software with our API.
Shipping vendors can use our API so you can match up data on your carrier invoices. That way you can automatically compare your actual billed charges with your charges at the time of shipment.