About me

Hi, I'm Derek.

I've spent the past 15 years developing shipping solutions that improve day to day business operations. I understand your challenges and frustrations. Most people don't get how many moving parts are involved in getting a package off the belt, but I get it!

I'm a big fan of UPS, FedEx, and DHL and admire the service they provide. There was a time when shippers had to manually scribble their customer's addresses on shipping labels. Do you remember that? Since then, all of the carriers have made their technology so much better.

But there's still one crucial piece they've pretty much ignored...

All of the carriers invoicing platforms are out-dated and painful to use!

For the past 25 years you've had to come up with your own process to export your weekly invoices and verify all the charges.

Just for grins, what type of invoice guru are you?

PDF Practitioner

You login and download a PDF of every invoice. Doesn't matter if it's 10 or 150 pages. Sometimes you even print the entire PDF, uprooting a fully grown pine tree in the process. A yellow highlighter in one hand and a magnifying glass in the other. Let the work day begin!

Spreadsheet Specialist

You take those invoice files and run formulas like a mad scientist. Those leading zeros can't outsmart you! And for good measure, you keep a backup of every invoice on your computer just in case.

Database Doctor

Your IT staff designed an Access database for your invoice uploads 15 years ago. But there is so much more information you need, and you're tired of clicking "ignore" on all of those import errors. You've requested several changes to this applicaion, but it's considered 'low priority'. Oh well, here's to another 15 years.

Punt Master

You just pay the entire invoice knowing there could be miscalculations or opportunities to save money. But it's just too time consuming and confusing to sort through it all. Pay it and be done with it (just don't tell the company controller).

We're working on building a better platform that sits on top of UPS Billing Center, FedEx Billing Online, and DHL MyBill. I'm open to more suggestions while we work on this application. Feel free to send your ideas to derek@shipkeep.com