COVID-19 Update

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, ShipKeep partnered with shippers as a 'value add' service to scope out shipping charges that might qualify for a refund.

We started ShipKeep as a "done for you" business model in 2015 as a contignecy based business. After launching, we noticed the carriers were slowly diluting the value of their own 'money back guarantee' programs. We developed a unique automated process to request refunds for our customers, but many times we had to call the carriers to dispute charges they would not release. They became more and more resistant to working with a 3rd party instead of the actual shipper. It started to become a strange "cat & mouse" game that caused me to question the value we were actually providing for our customers.

When the major carriers announced a suspension of their money back guarantees in late March 2020 due to COVID-19, we knew this was the end of our "done for you" business model.

But ShipKeep's next chapter as a company is looking bright!

Tools and technology to help companies manage complex parcel invoices is ripe for technological and analytical improvement. We think you deserve a platform that brings transparency and peace of mind to all of your billed shipments - oh, and when the carriers start offering refunds again, we will show you how to get your money back, and we won't keep a dime.

Stay tuned!